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Friday, January 14, 2011

i hate this pcd

does everybody know what every song means it??well...for me..i choose this song...because its a song that express your feeling....for me...what i think this song is....a song that for someone been relationship so long...and hate the part of breaking up...seriously...but when u you cannot take any gotta let go...

from this lyrics
for the person her world has been slowing down
the person heart beating so fast
because this the part
to end this relationship

i even copy from wikipedia about this song means about...

"The concept of the song focuses on the conversation between two people, before the break-up of their relationship, with a recurring theme of that "difficult moment when a romance runs aground"
so its a song tell about relationship...

for me...

there's a better way to find

a solution rather 

breaking up...